whats more durable a nintendo game device or a dimond

#11CyborgCthulhuPosted 6/30/2011 6:54:40 PM
Nintendo systems from the Gamecube and back were durable, starting with the DS and the Wii however, they have lost their build quality.
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ive steped on my DS lite tons of times and it is 100% ok
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AceMos posted...
in trillons of yearslon gafter our sun has goen super nova aliesn will examine the chared remains of earth and find nintendo devices

nintendo is humanity legacy to the stars rember that ppl

Indeed, if we cannot be there to tell our tale, nintendo shall weave our story through the remnents of consoles that have lived throughout humanity's existance. Our lives shall not be forgotten.
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AceMos posted...
ive steped on my DS lite tons of times and it is 100% ok

Just playing with the system normally results in broken triggers and hinges, lol. And apparently they haven't fixed their trigger design in the 3DS.
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Did it come out before 2005?

If so, Nintendo.

If not, Diamonds by a long shot.
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