Soo... about the graphics...

#11TottentanzPosted 7/6/2011 7:41:43 PM
That demo flexed their muscles a little bit, but like I posted on the other threads dealing with this demo, the star was the controller.

Yes, the demo looked nice, and yes, a lot of people did not realize that the demo shown on the presentation was but a fraction of the entire thing.

However, if you watch the right videos, you will see all the amazing things dealing with the controller. It shows the controller interacting with the screen, and how you can pan through the world without missing a beat and view the world as if you were holding a tiny window into it.

The graphics are nice, but again, the E3 demos mainly showcased the controller with only a partial showcase of what the console can do. I cant wait until the complete unveiling of the console just to know what is under the hood.