Looks like IGN is back on our side now!

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5 years ago#21
So they'll fire this guy, or never use him again if he's a freelancer, then?
5 years ago#22
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5 years ago#23
It is amazing the amount of blind fandom for something that hasn't even been proven yet. You want someone to lose there job because they have an opinion? Then you, my friend, are just as bad as Tge journalist. Having a biased, one sided view on something isn't good for the industry in anyway. It exists though, so until then. IGNORE IT.
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5 years ago#24
What I would have preferred from IGN is an actual retraction piece explaining why they are retracting certain negative statements they made in the last couple of months toward Nintendo and its consoles; after all, this is the guy that is in charge of their news and features.

What exaclty should they retract? Nintendo has been an utter falilure to hardcore fans for the past year, not to mention the Xenoblade fiasco. The wii lineup for 2011 is byeond atrocious, there are too much shovelware games and not enough quality control by Nintendo.

I've been a life long fan of Nintendo - until this generation. They deserve to whipped accordingly.
Saying IGN is superior to Gamespot is like saying gonorrhea is superior to syphilis.
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