C/D: You'll accept and buy a lot of third party ports for Wii U

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5 years ago#21
I would hope they would do at least a bit more than port the games by incorporating the controller screen in one small way or another.
5 years ago#22
well I mean as far as my understanding goes, Wii U will be far more powerful than 360 and PS3. So yeah if a game comes out for multiple consoles and not on PC, I'd get the Wii U version.
5 years ago#23
D: If I already have the game on a different system, I see no reason to entertain a port. People do that when they're desperate for something to play on their shiny new system
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5 years ago#24
Again, all games released after the Wii U comes out will be multiplatform, not ports. All the games coming out this holiday season, when the Wii U comes out, will be ports. I'll probably get some ports on it though, like Batman: AA since I'm not getting it on my Xbox. And if BF3 has 32 players on Wii U, I'm getting it a second time.
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5 years ago#25
Depends on

A) What they even are
B) If any new content is in them

Otherwise i won't care what version i get.
5 years ago#26
Confirm: Aliens Colonial Marines, Asura's Wrath (If it does indeed come to the U like it should), Ninja Gaiden III:Razor's Edge, Madden (Maybe this will be the version that gets me in to it) , DiRT/Need For Speed (all your car info on the bottom screen)

Deny: Batman Arkham City (comes out in October and I already got the Platinum trophy in Arkham Asylum; continuity reasons) , Darksiders II (we will see after we get a firm release date for this game and the Wii U itself) .
5 years ago#27

I plan on getting a Wii U, but I do not have a PS3, XBox360 or even a decent PC for gaming. I think it would be pointless on getting any of those three, then buying a Wii U later down the track.
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