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I've been hearing people say that certain characters don't belong in this game for various reasons either because they suck or they would have no move set. Say, hypothetically those certain characters did make it in. The characters I'm talking about are ones that I've seen that are highly debated which are Daisy, Rosalina, and Toad. This is a thread where people can come up with move sets for any of these characters. Remember, this is HYPOTHETICAL meaning it's not real. Also, specify what moves go with what for example, up smash, down smash, side smash, up B, down B, side tilt, down tilt, and up tilt. Also think of what their jump, double jump (and if they have one) triple jump, would be or look like, what their standing animation would be or look like, how they walk, how they run, what their dash A would be or look like, what their up, down, and side taunts would be, what their up, down, left, right and neutral aerials would be, what their left, right, up, down throws would be, and finally, what their final smash would be. This is a full move set thread so all these things need to be considered and I know this seems very extensive but almost all characters in the Super Smash Bros. series have their own unique move sets so please bear with me. Try to be creative and try incorporating elements from other games to help come up with move sets that wouldn't involve them being clones. And also, try not to argue, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and this is all for fun....with that said, have fun and try to come up with some good ones that actually fit with the character!!
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Toad will never be playable because he is hiding in Peach's boobs.

That being said, Rosalina could work pretty easily she could use star children and her wand, Daisy would be a mish mash of sports stuff and girl stuff like what they did to make Peach's moveset
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I don't care too much about new characters that get in, so long as its not Waluigi....and a slew of 3rd party characters that have never been on a Nintendo system.
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most_games_r_ok posted...
I don't care too much about new characters that get in, so long as its not Waluigi....and a slew of 3rd party characters that have never been on a Nintendo system.

Doesn't make any sense.
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I'm not too sure about Daisy or Rosalina; however, I really am upset as to seeing how people dismiss Toad as one of the better candidates for SSB4. He's one of the original Super Mario Bros. characters and was even playable in two of the main games (that's more than Peach!). Additionally, he is frequently playable in the spin-offs showing that he has a strong fan base. Toad even had HIS own game (Wario's Woods). Even out of all the possible reps for SSB4, note that Toad is the only possible rep who does not resemble any of the Mario characters so far (he's unique). I believe many people are not seeing Toad as an option as they grew up after the Mario 64/Sunshine era where Toad was just a minor advice giving NPC and they reflected that upon him. However, if they looked more carefully and played games like SMB 2 (better yet Super Mario Advance) and NSMB Wii, they would know Toad's potential.


Toad would be playing just like in SMB 2. His best stat is his speed, and is one of the quicker characters in the game. He is also notable for his small size as he could avoid his opponents' attacks quite easily. However, he is countered by this due to lightweight status (very light like Pikachu), and low jumps. Additionally, Toad has short range for his physical moves as a result of his small limbs so this can cost him.

However, Toad also has surprising power as well. While he does decent knockback and damage in his attacks, he is best known for his amazing throws. Toad can lift and throw his opponents with ease, and this can catch his larger opponents off guard as the heavier characters are not used to facing lightweight characters with this much strength along with speed.

Colors: Standard Toad (Red cap, blue vest), Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Green Toad.
Optional: Purple Toad, Toadette coloration (pink cap, red vest), Toadsworth coloration
(brown cap, purple vest)

Adventure mode role (if it is like SSE): Toad is beside Peach in the beginning of course; however, after havoc occurs, Toad is separated by her and is for this part of the story mostly unimportant. However, in the ending, Toad redeems himself and stands up with courage to save the rest of the heroes (I'd imagine him being with Luigi, Ness, and King Dedede in the climax part of Brawl's SSE).
#6GalaxyToadPosted 10/13/2011 10:06:29 AM
Toad's Moveset:
Here are moves that could work for Toad as he could easily be given the most unique moveset of the possible Mario reps (thus, his moveset):

Standard B)
*Ice Ball - Toad used ice balls in NSMB Wii after getting an Ice Flower. Like Mario and Luigi's fireballm, but slower and may cause his opponents to freeze upon contact.
*Mushroom Sprout - unique move that reflects on Toad's characteristics. Think of the homing mushroom attack for Toad in Mario Sports Mix.
*Spore Burst/Counter - Think of the unique spore attack Toad has in Brawl while being Peach's B move. However, this time the move is chargeable or can be used as a counter attack.

Up B/Recovery)
*Propeller cap/block - Toad brings out either the Propeller Mushroom to turn him into Propeller Toad or the Propeller Block from NSMB Wii and propels upwards into the sky. After reaching a good vertical height, Toad will then spin down slowly. If the player presses down, Toad will perform the torpedo/drill attack from NSMB Wii while falling.
*Super Charged Jump - From SMB 2. Toad charges a jump, and does a back flip with his jump to maximize it.
*Mushroom Hop - Unique move. Toad creates a small mushroom that he can use to bounce off of for a higher jump. Think of those bouncy, pink mushrooms from NSMB DS.

Side B)
*Golden Mushroom - A rush attack that is inspired by Toad's special move in MK:DD. Toad basically charges up an attack with the Golden Mushroom and upon releasing it he will dash foward with golden after images of him following him (think of Fox's side B and his illusion in Melee). The longer the move is charged, the more powerful and longer his dash will be performed for.
*Toad Kart - a homage to Toad's playability in the Mario Kart series. Toad brings out his Standard Toad Kart and drives around in it. It is like the Wario Bike, but it has smoother turns and accelerates over time (Toad's trait in the series). Toad can use items in it; however, if he is attack he will be thrown off the kart. The kart left outside cannot be broken like Wario's Bike, but it can be pushed away or disappear eventually over time.

Down B)
*Bomb - Toad brings out bombs from SMB 2 and Wario's Woods. These bombs can be carried by him, and will explode only after it hits a surface (not by time like Link's bombs). These bombs are big and can even be kicked by Toad (like in Wario's Woods) if he is commanded to use down B again while carrying a bomb.
*Mushroom Block - From SMB 2. Toad pulls out one of the large mushroom blocks in a similar way as Peach pulls her vegetables. However, the difference is that the mushroom block deals much stronger knockback and power, and can also be reused again after it is thrown. Only one mushroom block can exist on the stage at a time.
*Pluck - Toad grabs onto his foes and puts them over his head like in SMB 2, Wario's Woods, and NSMB Wii. He can now walk and even run with them over his head. He can also throw them in a similar way to SMB 2. Opponents can struggle to get out of his grasp. Toad's pluck move can also be done in mid-air (making it the first mid-air grabbing move in Smash!),

Other moves)
Side Smash - Toad charges a fiery kick from Mario strikers. Flames arise after a significant amount of charging has been done.
Up Smash - Think of Pichu's Up Smash in Melee, but with Toad. Toad charges up a mighty head attack for his Up Smash.
Down Smash - Toad puts his head on the ground and spins it with his feet kicking in a circular motion (like a break-dance move).
#7GalaxyToadPosted 10/13/2011 10:07:16 AM
Aerial down A) Ground Pound- Toad does a ground pound from NSMB Wii.
Aerial A) Spin Jump - Toad spins around in the air like in NSMB Wii. Generally a weak move, but if timed correctly, Toad can use this move to reflect projectiles.
Aerial Side A [front]) Meteor Headbutt - Toad's meteor smash move. Toad launches his head downwards in a powerful arc position causing him to perform this meteor smash move.
Aerial Side A [back]) Rotational Kick - Toad makes a small kick with his stubby feet behind him. Very weak, but it can be used to effectively block opponents attack as the move is launched very quickly.

A-A-A) Punch-Punch-Kick - Toad makes a small punch for his standard A, then another, and finally a double kick which he does by planting his two hands on the ground and kicking his opponents with both of his feet. The move does decent damage, but Toad's poor range with his stubby limbs hurts the effectiveness of this move.
A side) Side kick. Range is not good, but good knockback if hit.
A down) Kick- A small kick like Mario and Luigi's while crouching

Dash attack) Headbutt - think of the headbutts Toad gives in Mario Strikers.
Up Throw) Toad throws the opponenet on his head and bumps them up (like Pikachu and Pichu).
Side throw) Toad throws them in a horizontal arch (like in SMB 2 and NSMB Wii). A retro throw sound from SMB 2 can also be implemented here for nostalgia.
Down throw) Toad slams his opponents on the ground, makes a jump, and slams them with his head.
Side throw [back]) Toad wretches his opponent behind him mustering his strength.

Final Smash Ideas (if FS does still exist):
*Starshroom Attack: Toad calls in his fellow Toad friends who carry him up to their spaceship, the Starshroom from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. At this point of time, the Toads in their spaceship proceed onwards with bombarding the stage and Toad's opponents with star bits (like in the Galaxy games). It is done in a shooter type sequence, and the star bits are shot quickly, but are very powerful upon contact.
*Mushroom Conversion/Gorge - Toad uses his spore powers to cause the entire stage to convert into Mushroom based platforms like right from the Super Mario Bros. games. At this point, Toad can control the movement of the platforms and this can allow him to KO his opponents by playing this type of mind game.
*Bomb Shower - The Fairy from Wario's Woods appears and converts the stage into the Tree Hollow from Wario's Woods. She now creates bombs which are transported to Toad to attack his opponents. Bombs are being created everywhere here, so it is a frantic time for Toad's opponents at this point of time (Toad is not affected by the bomb effects).
*Mega Toad - Toad consumes a Mega Mushroom from NSMB DS and turns gargauntuan in size (not he's not so little!). At this point of time, Toad is much larger than those taking a Super Mushroom effect and he can easily squish his opponents as he walks across the stage. He can only use physical moves, so do not try to jump off the staqe. However, his moves are now much more stronger than they used to be.

This is my take on what Toad's moves on Smash. Also this is how I visualize Toad to work in Smash as well. However, remember that not all the Mario characters took all their game moves to be made playable in Smash. More than half of Peach's moveset was made-up based on her characteristics, and where did Luigi's Green Missle come from. Aside from Mario, almost all the Mario characters have completely made up Final Smashes as well. Anyways, that is all, and please review it if possible. :)

Also about Toad's B status at the moment..don't worry about it. This move can easily be replaceable with any other move (Toadsworth, Perry the Parasol, or a vibe power from SPP),
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That Toad setup would be sweet. It'd give Link a run for his money as my main.
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From: Killeryoshi8 | Posted: 10/13/2011 3:43:52 PM | #004
most_games_r_ok posted...
I don't care too much about new characters that get in, so long as its not Waluigi....and a slew of 3rd party characters that have never been on a Nintendo system.

Doesn't make any sense.

I don't see how it doesn't. I don't like Waluigi and I would rather not see Cloud/Master Chief/Sora in Brawl.
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However, remember that not all the Mario characters took all their game moves to be made playable in Smash. More than half of Peach's moveset was made-up based on her characteristics, and where did Luigi's Green Missle come from. Aside from Mario, almost all the Mario characters have completely made up Final Smashes as well

I know. I didn't mean for it to come out like that, I meant it sort of like a source to get ideas for possible move sets. I didn't mean to have all their moves come from other games, just some. For the most part, anyone can just make up their moves depending on their characteristics, like you said, but anyway people are still encouraged to come up with their own move set.