Do you think Nintendo will talk about the Wii U at the 3DS press conference?

#1kinglink13Posted 10/20/2011 3:26:44 PM(edited)
I am asking this because they talked about the Wii at last months 3DS conference so do you think it's possible they will say something about the Wii U at the 3DS press conference.
#2darkstriker00Posted 10/20/2011 5:48:31 PM
They might simply say development is going smoothly.
#3ddd87Posted 10/20/2011 5:50:45 PM
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#4SMASHKING84Posted 10/20/2011 6:54:08 PM
They siad a while back no wii u news until 2012 so no it wont happen beyond maybe more trailers.
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