Isn't it great we will have Zelda games that will look as good as Uncharted?

#31LinetrixPosted 12/5/2011 7:02:05 PM
darkjedilink posted...
Yeah, TC - I want a Zelda game chock-full of framerate drops and screentearing.

Uhh, so you don't want a Zelda game that look as good as Uncharted? You make no sense darkie!
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#32MC_Brian1Posted 12/5/2011 8:47:01 PM
Holy **** people in this topic are actually saying Batman and SKYWARD FREAKING SWORD look better than Uncharted?! LMAO.

Holy crap people will defend ANYTHING. I LOVE Skyward Sword, and I love the art style. But the graphics are technically crap compared to Uncharted and Batman. Seriously. Like, total ****. It's a curbstomp. And Uncharted is a fantastic series. Batman also has great graphics, but the character models always looked a little funny to me.
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