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5 years ago#1
...for Pikmin 3 (and a couple of other "should-be-great" games) to be guaranteed for launch, as opposed to a release date being set and having to wait several more months for good games to be released?

I'd really hate to see another mishap like the 3DS (having next-to-nothing at its launch), especially with a company that is constantly learning from others' mistakes, and their own.
Savant Syndrome
5 years ago#2
Rather wait for the games to come with it
5 years ago#3
I'd rather wait to hear games announced before whining about the 3DS launch (which turned out better than the DS launch, and which destroyed the Vita in Japan).
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5 years ago#4
They already said they've learned from the 3DS. Not sure what the big deal is. The games will be there. It's just what games will be there. I'm sure they've learned from the PS3 launch also. They don't want to overprice the thing either. Name won't sell it 100 million.
5 years ago#5
They're gonna reveal a good launch lineup in E3 with the Wii U.
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