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nintendo vs handicap gamerset8458/20 9:59PM
Can I turn off the game pad...AdmiralZephyr28/20 9:58PM
Media Create Sales: Week 33, 2014 (Aug 11 - Aug 17) Hyrule Warriors Unite!
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Muddy_Ape1118/20 9:52PM
I miss the Paper Mario series because it has lost its identity and PMSS ruinedChenmaster238/20 9:49PM
Super Mario Bros 2 is hard AF, just as I remember it.
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NewportBox100s1868/20 9:45PM
Calladoody Advance Warfighter skipping Wii U. And nothing of value was lost
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yeti44668/20 9:34PM
Nintendo is well aware of the 3rd party crisis; but it won't be resolved soon
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BaronVladz198/20 9:33PM
What old Zelda games can I play on the Wii U and other classics?ShatterStr48/20 9:21PM
So since Nintendo said it was waiting until Wii U owners are 'satisfied'
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Beatperson14218/20 9:19PM
GC Adapter questionInferno0578/20 9:13PM
It's official. Even Call of Duty won't be coming to Wii U anymore.
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blablablax17138/20 9:13PM
Where are the game selling games? Daisy baseball? Sports mix? fortune street?
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HiImOhYeahDaisy128/20 9:09PM
Do you agree with Nintendo's decision to barely showing up at events?PS4Warrior88/20 8:58PM
Nintendo should fund Sega to make a console next gen.srzg38/20 8:53PM
If the Wii U was just as powerful as the PS4/XB1 but still had Gamepad...plasmatic588/20 8:41PM
So chances are we will get a Nintendo Direct soon. Make your predictions!iKhanic88/20 8:38PM
Best 3rd party multiplat ports list
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teh1337gosu158/20 8:33PM
So the last major 3rd party developer has given up on Wii U.
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Bongbuddy258/20 8:32PM
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare not coming to wii uMurderstorm11788/20 8:13PM
A really insightful video about the Kinect and Wii (Applicable to Wii U)iKhanic98/20 8:04PM