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We won't be getting a Paper Mario game anytime soonbrentendo314/17 8:07PM
Donkey Kong 64 hasn't aged very well over the years.
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Rogkun674/17 8:07PM
If there's one thing I have the Wii U to thank for it's getting me into metroid.carljenk94/17 8:05PM
When the hell is a new Metroid game coming out?
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TheGam3925114/17 8:01PM
My six tips that will help Nintendo dominate the console market with NX
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Jedi454264/17 7:58PM
Splatoon is looking like a one day hit
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potatochobit174/17 7:47PM
Might be old news but Mega Man games are coming in May
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WitchBaby4200114/17 7:46PM
Was the April direct the last direct before E3?RemixDeluxe34/17 7:44PM
Kirby Adventures (NES)nestank24/17 7:41PM
When do you think we'll see the other Kongs like Chunky, Lanky, Tiny, etc?
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TheDelivery444/17 7:38PM
I hope that downloadable Mario Maker levels/games can be ranked by difficulty.Vyers104/17 7:35PM
Trauma Center both 2 Wii games for $20 good deal? How are the games?gfaqster84/17 7:03PM
You know what's weird about Mario Kart 8?
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wiiking96124/17 7:02PM
Just downloaded Tipping Starsgreatdimentio24/17 6:51PM
The Three Characters I nominated for Smash are.d_side84/17 6:39PM
Fast Racing Neo footage this SummerGranadico_74/17 6:13PM
Surprise games you want announced at this year's E3
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Grizzmeister804/17 6:11PM
Splatoon looks like a day one hit.
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ps4bloodbrother304/17 5:57PM
Why is nobody making prerendered backgrounds for open world Nintendo games?Infinity837834/17 5:55PM
How would you feel if they announced NintendoLand DLC at E3? (Poll)MechaKoopa500064/17 5:31PM