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Mega excited for DK64Terrabell44/2 2:43AM
Toadette is the only correct choice for Smash Ballot.ComeOnToadette104/2 2:36AM
Iwata looked very sickly during this Direct
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Starwars4J1194/2 2:36AM
Donkey Kong 64 finally coming was my favorite thing about this direct.Tadamoto684/2 2:34AM
So we get DK64 and Americans get paper Mario before us?
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cameronpbb124/2 2:34AM
It keeps saying my CN Elite reward has already been redeemed. Is this normal?-Unowninator-54/2 2:32AM
Did the reward page say your reward was already redeemed?DiscostewSM34/2 2:30AM
I am making a prediction for E3: There will be a Metroid-related Teaser Trailer.wiiking9664/2 2:28AM
BOOOOO! SMT x Fire Emblem looks wayyyy too colorful! its like Persona >:(
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HellsingOrg214/2 2:27AM
SMTxFE 'cancelled', replaced by Revelation of the Illusion #FE.
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Soul_Alchemist284/2 2:26AM
Lets compare the SMT x Fire Emblem old trailer to the new trailer
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AwesomeOSauce124/2 2:24AM
Wow Atlus, just wow.Maverick_Reznor94/2 2:23AM
Ultimate Mortal Kombat X Konfirmed for Wii U!!bigdaddydmac84/2 2:22AM
So, smtxfe is expected to have an M rating...
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Ogre_Reborn194/2 2:14AM
Ummm, yeah. Has anyone else tried playing Yoshi's Island DS yet?
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flipmode_1134/2 2:13AM
Is there any hope of redeeming an Elite Status gift tonight?MabinogiFan104/2 2:08AM
well guess the smash ballot is meant for nintendo guys only maybemikebond2254/2 2:06AM
Is donkey kong 64 60hz or 50hz?Trailblazer3414/2 2:06AM
TV remote help (can't get past preview window)Mawr_chief24/2 1:46AM
oddworld creator says capitalism is killing gaming
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omniryu2634/2 1:46AM