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Do you play Wii U while pooping? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link4410/2 5:13AM
Should the Wii U get a Racing Wheel to go with Project Cars? (Poll)PS4Warrior110/2 5:07AM
Fatal Frame 5's sales are actually pretty good.
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_KuroHana_3210/2 4:49AM
so glad we get premium games and dont have to put up with 3rd party junk
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necro001310/2 4:42AM
Smash Bros is coming, tonight tonight.RED_LINK1510/2 4:07AM
Other M isn't really that bad, you know.
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BaconPancakes4210/2 4:06AM
Is the cake reference from Portal from Super Mario 64HermeticJustice610/2 3:37AM
So I turned off the GamePad without turning off the consoleDark_Lawl410/2 3:36AM
Will bayonetta 2 reach 300k lifetime sales worldwide?
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Murderstorm1172710/2 3:23AM
Should Nintendo start adopting neglected franchises.
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_KuroHana_1410/2 3:14AM
Mario characters that deserves his or her own gamePackersXLV410/2 3:13AM
Is Nintendo phasing out the Club Nintendo Rewards program?
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wiidundant1110/2 3:12AM
Wal-Mart selling Wii Fit trainer amiibo for $60!PennywiseJim1010/2 2:47AM
Do you want to be able to message people on your friends list? (Poll)
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undisputed23861110/2 2:38AM
EGX london, with huge nintendo support!framerateponie1010/2 2:35AM
Eurogamer pics favorite EGX game, mentions splatoon as a very fun gamebernbebeer810/2 2:34AM
So , are there any new modes for splatoon? Or is a team based MP game only?greatness_waits510/2 2:32AM
hyrule warriors is way better then shadow of mordor
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necro006410/2 2:19AM
Would you say the Wii U is doing a good job of recapturing the core Nintendo...
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_KuroHana_4110/2 2:09AM
Games that have most people wanting Capcom to make rehashes of .....mattfrank210/2 1:42AM