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As a 56 year old gaming veteran, should I get a U?
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sonyponymaster302/1 11:00AM
So the Elsa Amiibo comes out and now my county is under a level 3 snow emergency
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lizard81288132/1 10:59AM
rosalina amiibo release date Canadaxjayguyx62/1 10:59AM
Nintendo needs to cash in on making games with goats in themSolomonBenDavid92/1 10:58AM
Meta Knight amiibo?Trevor_Belmont72/1 10:58AM
No Sheiks anywhere in my area.leViticus022/1 10:57AM
Which of the first three Mario RPGs is most worthy of a remake? (Poll)wiiking9662/1 10:55AM
WTF why isn't wii u getting mh4u?
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notzez152/1 10:55AM
Any news on when Club Nintendo is going to release more things?Zazabar22/1 10:52AM
How long will MPT be $10 on e-shop?Mindwipe7732/1 10:50AM
Will Nintendo have a commercial during the superbowl? (Poll)yoshirider1372/1 10:49AM
Has Anyone found an Ike Amiibo Yet?HayashiTakara42/1 10:45AM
Well I managed to get Rosalina, Toon Link, and Shiek today.
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Maverick_Reznor182/1 10:44AM
Yoshi's island VC - yes or no?xenohorse72/1 10:44AM
New Super Mario Bros. U vs. Super Mario 3D World (Poll)
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ComradeRyan262/1 10:43AM
How the Mario Party series should be handled.wiiking9612/1 10:43AM
Whats hooked up along with your wii u?
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Mindwipe771182/1 10:42AM
Gamestops Release Dates for Wave 3 Amiibos Showntoidiedud42/1 10:41AM
A mid-gen, Holiday 17 Wii Next could be a real game changer.
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Floopik122/1 10:41AM
Yoshi's Woolly World is gonna disappoint, I swear it.
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TasmanianTiger7452/1 10:39AM