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C/D The Wii U is the only console with swagRobJ24312/18 2:38PM
The gamecube library is better than the U library.
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secretprimate2212/18 2:33PM
Do you like there to be silence when you pause a game? (Poll)
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Watt642612/18 2:30PM
What game should the new Mario movie be based on? (Poll)Melkac912/18 2:27PM
I'm playing Super Mario 3D World right now and holy crap
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IcyFlamez961512/18 2:23PM
Do Wii games look better on Wii U or Wii composite cables?nintendo_masiah312/18 2:19PM
Nintendo already releasing more powerful 3DS so why cant they do it with Wii U?
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Nemerlight1112/18 2:15PM
Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii vs Wii Utoadieman712/18 2:12PM
So I have a ps4 and a 3ds... but now I'm suddenly interested in the wii uIloveslimesOMG812/18 2:04PM
I can't believe Mario Maker has no 3d options.
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secretprimate3912/18 1:54PM
I bought my first Amiibo today. Now I need more Amiibo figures.
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IceHusky131412/18 1:39PM
What is your favorite Star Fox game? (Poll)
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LRodC2112/18 1:34PM
do you think Bestbuy will have the pro controller on sale for $20 again?ManuKesna412/18 1:21PM
Will we EVER see baten kaitos U?
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lilsoniihorse1112/18 1:17PM
Rosalina amiibo up for Pre-Order! (TARGET Exclusive)
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Spade21X2212/18 1:03PM
Why do people hate knuckled new "jock" design in sonic boom?
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progressivegmr21312/18 1:03PM
Metroid Other M is better than the original Metroid.
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HeroC1143612/18 12:54PM
Can we make long levels in Mario Maker?nintendo_masiah512/18 12:53PM
Is Captain Toad the cutest game ever made?nintendo_masiah612/18 12:37PM
Media Create Week 50 Sales Results (Dec 8 - 14)
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Yoko4812/18 12:34PM