lolz Pachter says Nintendo fans will buy a cardboard Box that Says Nintendo

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Its funny he says the 3DS will fail.... After it sells better then the DS did in its first year
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Sounds like Pachter caught wind of a similar insult, got mad, and then swapped the words "Apple" with "Nintendo."

I wish people would just let him fade into obscurity already.
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He's right.
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kinglink13 posted...
StickMen1090 posted...
kinglink13 posted...
Wouldn't that also be the case for Sony and Microsoft fans?.

you would assume so but it is Pachter we are dealing with

I feel like Nintendo did something to Pachter a long time ago because he acts like Nintendo did something horrible lol.

a NES abduct his mother :D
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Vincent_Core posted...
He's right.

He's not right.

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StickMen1090 posted...
Its funny he says the 3DS will fail.... After it sells better then the DS did in its first year

Yeah It's weird lol.
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Some fanboys are like this, we call them Nintendrones.
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He's right you know. We buy a box with the Nintendo logo on it, then open said box and pull out a Nintendo console.
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He's right I've seen people say they'd pay a ton for this crap

Boxes I mean
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DonnyKD posted...
Pachter's just pissed that every single prediction he made about Nintendo's products are wrong.

Says DS will fail, it becomes the second best selling video game system ever.

Says Wii will fail, it becomes the best selling console this generation.

Says the 3DS will skyrocket at launch and the launch price is too low, it does less than what Nintendo expected and it gets a $80 price drop.

People ask what Pachter has against Nintendo, here's why.

Don't forget the Wii HD that he predicted for so long that was never made.
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