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4 years ago#21
Tough, my body is ready, for Wii U.
4 years ago#22
Not trying to pick on the Wii U here, but anyone with common sense knows the systems being rushed to market before its even ready.

You can come to this conclusion just be seeing how things have gone so far:

-Before the E3 that Nintendo first showed the Wii U, their stocks were suffering terribly due to Wii sales dropping off a cliff pretty much

-Nintendos completely whipped on their shareholders in this day and age, and the shareholders weren't happy

-Cue a pointless, uninformative, and underwhelming rushed Wii U appearance at that E3. It was obviously shoehorned into the public eye EXTREMELY early, as an attempt to raise their stocks. Hell, the unit was still a goddamn prototype. Can anyone remember the last time a console maker debuted hardware still in prototype at E3? The Wii U wasn't even finished yet! Everyone walked away with a lukewarm reception, since the presentation sucked since nintendo went in there on the seat of their pants without even an idea of how to market the damn thing at that early stage

-Cue this E3. Multiplats that look no better than their counterparts, flat out slightly upgraded Wii developed games like Pikmin 3 and NSMBU (games that were obviously planned as Wii games, but got quickly scuttled to Wii U when this 'please the investors and rush Wii U to market' crap happened), Zombie U has horrific textures, models and no polish for a 2012 game, and it was even revealed that JUST now at that E3 they had finally gotten final dev kits out. Hello? Hardware makers NEVER get the final dev kits out, 5-6 months before launch. That's flat out crazy.

-Even at this E3 it was sadly apparent Nintendo just did not have their **** together and it was a poor showing with very little in the way of solid titles that looked like they were in development any decent amount of time.

-Even Miyamoto (or was it Iwata) has admitted that the sensors inside the Gamepad are the cheapest possible to drive down costs, and that they hope to put better parts inside in a LATER revision AFTER the system has gone to market. This story in the OP isn't the first time I've heard about calibration issues and lag on the gamepad. The hardwares absolutely rushed WAY before they ever planned to be rolling it out, and now they have to cheap out on the parts just to meet the same profit margin they had in mind for the system (the better parts would of been cheaper by the time they originally planned to launch it, whenever that would of been)

- There wasn't a single title on showcase yet, even from NINTENDO THEMSELVES, that uses the gamepad in a way that legitimizes its existence and added cost to the system. There's no innovative uses, its all inventory screens and maps and silly DS crap. Even Nintendo themselves has no idea how to properly utilize the gamepad outside of stupid gimmick uses at this point.

Lets face it. Yes, the Wii U is absolutely rushed. This last E3 pretty much everyone at the show, from gaming journalists to Peter Molyneux basically said 'Thats it? Did they really just show basically nothing and a game that looked like it should be on the Wii (nintendoland)? It seems like even Nintendo themselves don't know what they're doing with this thing'

The Wii U will probably be a solid platform in a year or two. But right now nothing could convince me to buy one. They just have no clue wtf they're doing with it or even how to market it. The general populace still thinks its a Wii add on. And only a fool would be a early adopter when its a admitted fact the gamepad has incredibly cheap parts which will cause tons of issues that will totally ruin the experience.

Nintendo needs to take their company back from the control freak investors. Cuz they're ****in up majorly lately and rushing the Wii U like this is gonna give it a horrible launch. Worse than 3DS. Easily.
"Dragon Age 2 was a train wreck the entire game, ME3 was like screaming rollercoaster that ran out of track and everyone died." -nIMr0D888
4 years ago#23
No, Gamer. Go study your material.
"When does a man die? When he is hit by a bullet? No. A man dies when he is forgotten."
4 years ago#24
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
No, Gamer. Go study your material.

Lol dude you know its true. Go ahead and try to refute all this, dissect the whole post and destroy all my points. Go for it, I'd love to see the crap you pull out of your ass to try and spin actual facts into fiction to suit your own fantasies about how this systems being handled.

By all means, you have the floor. Make my day.
"Dragon Age 2 was a train wreck the entire game, ME3 was like screaming rollercoaster that ran out of track and everyone died." -nIMr0D888
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