Elebits on Wii U.

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Elebits is always the game I mention when people talk about overlooked Wii games. I absolutely love it and wish they would make another.

On another note, is the DS one any good? It looked so different from the original that I never cared to try it.
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It's a pretty good game. The IGN Video Review got me interested enough to play it.
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Elebits is the most underrated video game of all time.

It's a STEAL if you find at Gamestop for under $5. It is truly an original and truly mis-understood by many. It's culty, cool, original, challenging.

The only mistake I would say is the "clock" restriction. The clock should have been removed as a bonus once your cleared it the first time, for people who simply want to explore.

Beyond that, an amazingly deep, fun, original game.
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Indeed. Only question is, how to translate it to the Wii U.
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bump again
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GameKing59 posted...
bump again

I regret having to tell you this, but... your thread is dead.

We did all we could, but his heart just wasn't up for it ;_;

Never forget.
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