Is it true that Nintendo is announcing some 2013 games at their Fall Conference?

#11MelkaticoxPosted 9/3/2012 7:15:07 PM
Previously, they announced developers would be revealing a few new games before the console's launch.

It's been a few months since then...

So, logically everything will be revealed by the next conference. We shall wait.
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ElectricMole posted...
I'm looking forward to see what more Japan has to offer. The western stuff hasnt really impressed me much.

They won't announce Japanese third party support at the conference, Nintendo confirmed they will announce that at a different date, supposedly earlier than the 13th.
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SuperJoshi07 posted...

I keep hearing rumors that they are revealing some 2013 games on September 13. Is there a source for this, or are people guessing?

I'd like to know so I don't get my hopes up over a rumor.

Maybe first party but I think 3rd party developers can reveal whatever they want unless Nintendo is favoring some developers with the NDAs... Of course that would be an excellent way to ensure developers won't work with you again.