Nintendo's Short Sighted Approach Is Hurting The Wii U

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From the time Nintendo showed off the Wii at their E3 press conference, I knew I had to have one for three reasons. Reason number one was Super Mario Galaxy. After the somewhat lackluster Super Mario Sunshine, Galaxy looked like a monumental leap for the 3D platforming franchise. The gameplay looked incredibly fluid and innovative, the graphics were beautiful, and the soundtrack was exquisite. The second reason was Metroid Prime 3. The Metroid Prime series was one of the best franchises in gaming, and the Wii-mote looked like it would vastly improve the way the series played. Then, we had the debut trailer for Smash Brothers Brawl. The trailer they showed didnít have any gameplay footage, but it was Smash Brothers, it would be playable online, and it had Solid Snake in it. What else did I need to know? These games werenít due out for some time, but that was fine. I knew I was going to buy a Wii whenever they did come out, so why not grab the system a little early and pass the time with Wii Sports and Rayman?

With the Wii U, Nintendo has taken a different strategy. Instead of focusing on titles coming out in the future, Nintendoís focus has been exclusively on its launch lineup. This may seem like a good idea, but unless Nintendo changes their path within the coming months, the Wii U may be in for a rough launch.

The 3DSís Failure To Launch

When your most impressive launch title is a port of a game thatís over 3 years old, you may have some problems.

When the 3DS debuted at E3, gamers were all kind of excited. The titles announced were downright amazing. Resident Evil: Revelations was a graphical marvel for a Nintendo handheld, Kid Icarus Uprising gave Nintendo fans an eagerly awaited reunion with an old friend and looked awesome to boot, Mario Kart 7 would surely be another great entry in the insanely popular franchise, Metal Gear Solid 3 looked like a worthy remake, Professor Layton promised another dose of puzzling fun, Animal Crossing is always a crowd-pleaser, and the first Paper Mario game in half a decade was headed to the new console. It was hard not to be excited for the impending launch of Nintendoís new handheld.

Sadly, what was shown wasnít nearly representative of the launch lineup. Kid Icarus, the first game Nintendo showed off for the 3DS, didnít land until a year after the 3DS hit shelves. Resident Evil was another game that arrived a year late to the launch party. Mario Kart 7 didnít launch until over half a year after the systemís launch, and weíre still waiting for Paper Mario, Professor Layton, and Animal Crossing. The 3DSís launch lineup was, to be charitable, awful. Nintendoís lineup consisted of Pilotwings Resort, an underrated but far too brief experience, Steel Diver, more of a tech demo than a game, and Nintendogs and Cats, a sequel that didnít do enough to improve on the original. Out of the third party titles, only Super Street Fighter IV was worth its salt. As much as people complained about the price of the 3DS, the weak launch lineup was just as much of a factor in the 3DSís launch issues.

I think nintendo's strategy has been puzzling at the least. The wii launch was great, but they messed up the 3DS launch. They might mess this one up too if they don't change their strategy.
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The Wii U launch looks like a bust.
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They use "Nintendrone" in the title. Now I know you purposely seek out negative opinion.
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P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
They use "Nintendrone" in the title. Now I know you purposely seek out negative opinion.

Exactly this.
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How do you find these random sites Kirby?, lol, you've been trying to attack the Wii U really hard this month, it seems your insecure about it.
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Posting more no name articles with generally the same view.

One trick pony.
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This author posts SOME semi-reasonable points, but it is a weak article and is a bit stupid.
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Funny thing is, the guy is not using Nintendrone in a bad way in his title yet people still latch onto it...
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Drinking games you can make out of NKf9:

1. Every time he posted a negative article from a website about nintendo: Dead in 10 minutes
2.Every time he has said fanboy: Dead in 30 seconds.
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Icecreamdunwich posted...
Funny thing is, the guy is not using Nintendrone in a bad way in his title yet people still latch onto it...

Why don't you tell me the positive ways one can use "Nintendrone" or "Sony Pony" or any of those names? I know your arguments have been pretty weak lately Senor, but come on now. You're disappointing me.
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