so whats the price?

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4 years ago#1
or was it not announced?
4 years ago#2
$299 for Basic set, $349 for Deluxe. Basic is 8GB, Deluxe is 32GB.
4 years ago#3
$300 for 8GB White Basic Model.
$350 for 32GB Black Premium Model.

Search through the rest of the topic for more info or just go to F***ING Srsly. LP: Super Mario Sunshine
"I've seen Ryu on the MtG board so he's already cooler than most of you." ~ XImperialDragon
4 years ago#4
$299.99 for the white basic model (8 GB)
$349.99 for the black deluxe model (32 GB) which includes Nintendo Land and a Nintendo Premium subscription.

It's all over this board.
4 years ago#5

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