No thanks online pre-orders...

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I did that 6 years ago and I agree... the experience was totally worth it. i had so much fun. I wish I could do it again for the Wii U, but I just can't justify doing things like that anymore. I got my gamestop pre-order and I'll be there first thing in the morning on November 18th and I'll be a little jealous of people like you who hung out all night and got the system at midnight.

Why don't you just pre-order it.. Then just don't go to the store until like 11:45pm..

That's what I do when I really want something at midnight like Gears of War or whatever...

Uh.. that's exactly what I did. I said so in my post. My point (and the point of this topic) is that I'll be missing out on the actual waiting on line with nintendo fans. The experience of it is something all its own, like attending a con or something.
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preordering mine cant stay in line my back cant handle it.

Same problem.

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