Nintendo is really securing the exclusives, aren't they?

#1FiendingHardPosted 9/13/2012 1:14:16 PM
It seems like all of Japan is on board as well as some prominent western companies like Ubisoft and Activision.

Rayman Origins and Bayonetta are 2 of my favorite games this gen and seeing both of their sequels on the Wii U is surprising to say the least.

I told myself I won't get another console with the way things went this gen but I know Nintendo won't let companies whore out incomplete games for DLC and other shenanigans. If Nintendo keeps this up I just may be sold on a Wii U for release day.

2 Platinum titles? That alone makes the Wii U worth it in my eyes.
#2TerotrousPosted 9/13/2012 1:16:57 PM(edited)
Well, the momentum from the Wii helps with that. Everyone expected Wii to fail (since GC did so poorly), so third-party buy in was slow. This time, Nintendo has shown that they can sell huge numbers and you're seeing the buy-in from day 1.
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