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4 years ago#1
Personally, I think the price is perfect. You have a cheaper model with less memory for the "kids/soccer moms". Then you have the pricier model for only $50 more plus more memory for the "older gamers".

Oh, and if the Wii U is only a max of $350, the NextBox and PS4 will most likely be $400+, which is really pushing it. Lets also assume the power and graphical difference isn't that much, I think I can safely say that Nintendo should have no worries in the next gen, as long as 3rd parties keep supporting them with good games.
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4 years ago#2
It's like paying for a current console plus extra for the tablet controller.
4 years ago#3
Good price. Same as modern consoles so they have a market for people just now looking for a system. Also they will sell a ton of consoles because there is no way in hell xbox and sony can price their newest consoles at that price and make a profit.
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4 years ago#4
I just bought an anime toy for $450, a video game console for $300 is cheap
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4 years ago#5
Feels like a bit of a kick in the nuts because its an HD Wii based around waggle controls again and has its own PS Vita, so it seems like it should be more like $199.
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4 years ago#6
Price is not to bad I figured the WII U would cost 299.99 for a base model. I just wasn't sure if it would be 349.99 or 399.99 for the better model, because I wasn't sure what all would come with it...

I would have thought with the base model $299 WII U they would have came with 16GB instead of the 8gb being ther other WII U comes with 32gb which is 3 time more than the 8gb, I know they could have gave us 16GB at the same price 299... Because if you think about it you only pay 50 bucks more for the black WII U and you get 3 times the memory plus a game and •Wii U GamePad Cradle, •Wii U GamePad Stand, •Wii U Console Stand...

I wonder if it's best to get the Basic WII U for 299.99 and buy a external hard drive for the memory or a big USB drive because even with the 32GB internal memory that really isn't much. I know just the save files alone take up quite amount of space on my PS3 or 360...
4 years ago#7
A little higher than I predicted but still reasonable.
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4 years ago#8
I think its $50 to much
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