Why are people on this board laughing at those gamers who are pissed at....

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We're all laughing because of the irony...
Oh, and the stupid death threats on Twitter.
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jmichaelbp posted...
Have you seen the ones on Twitter? They are making death threats! Because of a video game!


Guess your new to the internet. Capcom disk locked content for SFxT everyone went nuts. Mass Effect 3 ending everyone went nuts.

You should see how Japanese fans react when they find out there idols have a boyfriend. They act much worst than this.
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meiyuki posted...
cavebear56 posted...

I purchased Bayonetta, why didn't more people? The PS3 board was generally not supportive of the game in the first place. I'm surprised they're making so much of an issue about the sequel.

A while back someone wrote an article about sony fanboys being the worst of the bunch and it was well supported with examples. His point in the article, and it fits the pattern here, is that they're not really upset over the game, they're upset they lost exclusivity, or in this game lost the game, and to of all people nintendo.

Look at the end of the day you can't imagine the hatred sony fanboys have toward nintendo. This is not your typical internet trolling, they hate nintendo. While I don't generally like anecdotal evidence you can't imagine how many times I've gone into a gamestop or bestbuy to buy a product of nintendo(whether a game on a system or a system itself) and had some stupid sony fanboy feel the need to laugh at me or insult nintendo. It's embarrassing the way people act.

Have you ever thought that, maybe, just maybe they are laughing at the way you look? I have never seen ANYONE laugh at another person for buying a game, they were probably just picking on you for other reasons.
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Shovel_Break posted...
I have never seen ANYONE laugh at another person for buying a game, they were probably just picking on you for other reasons.

I've seen it - almost every time I go into a GameStop I see it.
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People complaining that Nintendo isn't publishing a game on non-Nintendo systems. It's funny.

If they game was going to be published by SEGA and Nintendo outbid them it'd be one thing, but Nintendo SAVED the franchise, and people want to complain. It's really weird. It'd be like if Nintendo dumped Metroid forever and Microsoft bought the rights and made a new one. People complaining about that would be just as dumb.

If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at SEGA for not publishing the sequel, or at Sony or Microsoft for not picking it up like Nintendo did. People should be thrilled that the series isn't dead.

Heck, should the sequel succeed on the Wii U, Bayonetta 3 might be multiplat on all next gen consoles, as opposed to not existing at all.
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Were people even close to this mad about Anarchy Reigns(Madworld sequelish)
went going to other consoles other than the Wii?

The funny thing is, these people can just buy a Wii U and play the game and STFU
Is not hard at all, assuming they were able to afford to $400-$600 consoles
what the hell is the big deal about buying a $300-$350 console for a game they want?
S*** I bought PS3 long ago just for Valkaria Chronicles, MGS4, and R&C
Just because I wanted them, games are supposed to make you want a system

by the way what happened to the pro controller?
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