if you dont have the money, dont preorder or bother with wii u

#1NinjaGamer_23Posted 9/17/2012 10:06:29 AM
I know people on here and around the gaming community who wants a WII U is complaining of stuff like they have to pay off this or that/

Wii U will not discontuined right when it comes out.

No one knows how much hype this new console has, we all know the wii was popula with the hype even after it was announced and the price.

Dont feel bad also becuase if you look at the list of games coming out, over 75% of the launch titles and the games coming out between november 2012 to march 2013 are ports and so on plus of course there will be new titles as well.

You also remember the ps3 and 360 has exciting games coming out for it as well. Exclusive titles you cant' get?

What about the handheld vita or 3ds? You got those? they got games coming out this year.

If I were you, list the game you want, and see how much you got or will make, plus trade in games you dont play, some titles will get you something. Even trade in a consoel you dont play.
#2FoppePosted 9/17/2012 10:09:37 AM
But... but... if they don't get it directly at launch, then they are not hip enough!
Then they will be ranked lower than if they didn't owned one at all.
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#3knightimexPosted 9/17/2012 10:10:20 AM
so you expect developers to magically instantly pull brand new games out from their asses on command?

Give the console some time.
Launch games in NO WAY = the entire wii u library

that's just flat out stupid to think.
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#4wingo84Posted 9/17/2012 10:11:31 AM
Foppe posted...
But... but... if they don't get it directly at launch, then they are not hip enough!
Then they will be ranked lower than if they didn't owned one at all.

Finally! Someone who understands!
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#5NinjaGamer_23(Topic Creator)Posted 9/17/2012 10:12:40 AM
If your a nintendo fan, you should remmber their last launch, the 3ds, I was there. I paid 249 for it, the system was flopping hard, nintendo had to drop price and gave us ambassadors free games becuase of it and apologize for it also.

Plus the 3ds had an ok launch lineup, wasn't amazing.

It takes time for the games to come.

Plus wii u hip? Lol. There's more hype for the new iphone or the new tablet than Nintendo now adays.
#6ChipChippersonPosted 9/17/2012 3:19:48 PM
I want it at launch because this is the first console I can afford at launch. It's a pride thing for me.
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#7Genericgamer667Posted 9/17/2012 3:20:48 PM
if you don't have the money for the wii u. Don't get it

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#8Tengu_spamPosted 9/17/2012 3:33:14 PM
I literally have like $20 to my name and no job. I preordered anyways >_>

I'll get that money one way or another.
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