How many people are getting the Wii U at a later date?

#21faramir77Posted 9/17/2012 7:39:56 PM
I'm waiting until Smash Bros as that's been the only real draw to Nintendo consoles in the last 10 years.
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#22kingpenguin22Posted 9/17/2012 7:40:56 PM
I am just going to buy the games and wait on the system, I heard rumors of a famicom style Wii U being released in the future and I much have that than the current look they have atm. I love me some famicom and the red and white mix has always been my favorite of nintendo's.
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#23rexcrkPosted 9/17/2012 7:51:20 PM
I'm waiting AT LEAST until Pikmin 3 comes out, that's the main reason I want a Wii U (right now of course, I know a lot more great games will be released for it during its lifespan) and none of the launch titles really interest me. NSMBU looks good but it's not something I NEED right away.
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