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3 years ago#1
Thursday I noticed Kmart online mistakenly selling the Deluxe for $299. I'm an idiot and didn't pre-order before they changed the price to $349. And those who did are getting the Deluxe for the Basic price.

Friday I decided not to procrastinate (after losing out on a good Kmart deal). So I decided to pre-order the Basic from Best Buy. I chose basic because I didn't want Nintendo Land.

Sunday, after realizing that I would want to buy the charger cradle/stand set.....I decided to just pre-order the Deluxe from Walmart. It would be dumb to buy Charger/Stands separate for $20-40 extra.....when i can just get them with the deluxe.

So now I still have the Basic pre-ordered from Best Buy and the Deluxe from Walmart. Do I keep or cancel the Basic?

Will I be able to turn a profit on the white Wii U, even though the Deluxe seems to be the most desirable?

Do I wait to see if it actually becomes Super hard to get.....and see if my sister in-law wants it for my niece/nephews Xmas?
3 years ago#2
Buy both, keep Deluxe and sell the Basic on launch day, trust me people would love to not have to wait in line and worry if they won't get one because it's all sold out, and people might offer you more for Basic.
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