When I went to GameStop, this was a very sad conversation I heard

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shootsmack posted...
Sirian_Hawk posted...
This time though, tell us the one about how only Nintendo games are ever in that bin.

Four Swords Adventures, Mario Sunshine, Sonic(s), Killer7 and Odama, as I recall.
Killer7 was an actual bargain though. WiiU has portable Mario at $60, last year's midcarders and multiple local multiplayer titles, which hilariously enough, are also full price.
No developer support, it's a dead duck on arrival unless you like to pantomime social interactions while you "watch" Tvii.

On another note:
Your sarcastic form lacks discipline.
See also: unreturned phone-call, bounced cheque.

No developer support even though it has been announced there are 60+ games to be launched in the launch window alone and I'm sure Nintendo can't be making all 60+.

So how many games in the launch window would be classed as having dev support in your opinion.

Some people, honestly, have no idea what they are talking about and if you work in the retail sector which involves gaming you should be fired for not knowing what the hell you are trying to sell.
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