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Pro Controller Charging Question?suzukimatsui48/31 10:23PM
Anyone else hope they come out with a "New" WiiU? More power= more 3rd party.
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GGearX388/31 10:23PM
Quick, pointless rant about Trauma Center: Second Opinion (spoilers?)RatheV28/31 10:22PM
Which of these games would b the most frustrating, but most satisfying to %100? (Poll)
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Theguysayhi298/31 10:20PM
Which is more likely, Nintendo releasing a Nu U or running a New 3DS only model? (Poll)AstralFrost58/31 10:18PM
New Wii U or New Console Soon? Seems Like an Option Since the New 3DS news. (Poll)
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blingus208/31 9:56PM
I bet the reason xenoblade is getting a 3ds port is because
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Snow-Dust158/31 9:51PM
Is Nintendo capable of building a console equal in power to Sony and Microsoft??
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AstralFrost1158/31 9:44PM
I did it I got a Wii UPackersXLV68/31 9:44PM
Best Fire Emblem game to start the series? (New to SRPGs)
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darkwargreymon9238/31 9:43PM
Do you wish the Wii U had an option to fully function without the gamepad? (Poll)
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brutalhits118/31 9:31PM
So, is a powerful console expected next generation?
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Wii_Truth158/31 9:31PM
Is Hyrule Warriors really as big a deal as the poll on the front page suggests?
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dotsgalore218178/31 9:18PM
The Wii U lacks transcendent appeal, that's why it's not selling.
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originalhipster118/31 8:53PM
I think I know what the New Wii U will be calledAstralFrost108/31 8:37PM
What Nintendo consoles do you have the fondest memories of?DarkECOJak68/31 8:34PM
YR: The next Nintendo console is named "NEW Nintendo Wii U".
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o___Okami268/31 8:24PM
Favorite Xenoblade music soundtrack?PSperger88/31 8:16PM
You should just wait for the New Wii Ujaymart_2k108/31 8:15PM
What if the Wii U is a Wii console revision and not a true next-gen console?Almasy6928/31 8:00PM