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Which store has the best return policy for hardware?CheckedIt611/26 10:07PM
I have to reset my router every time I want to play online.
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Would a F-Zero game for Wii U sell well?
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That_Damn_Kid3011/26 10:01PM
I've changed my tune about Devil's Third! (story trailer)
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HeroC1142211/26 9:41PM
Any Metroid fans here?
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Jx10101311/26 9:26PM
Rank Your 10 Favourite Game Characters and Rate the List of the Previous Posterstartme_up311/26 8:56PM
Frys 50$ nintendo eshop card for 40$potatochobit311/26 8:43PM
New Rodea: The Sky Soldier trailer
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Leanaunfurled1911/26 8:40PM
The Wii U version of Watch Dogs actually has some improvements over PS4 version.mullen1200611/26 8:38PM
Bowser Jr. sucks!!! Does everyone agree with me?CcXs411/26 8:33PM
What are the best eShop games?suitup19411/26 8:32PM
So, ZombiU2 might actually be a thing.
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Dragon_Jaed1611/26 8:31PM
Only vote if you like the art style in Kirby's Epic Yarn (Poll)
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thatdude2274911/26 8:31PM
I just can't understand the appeal of smash brosNoNeedF0RaName811/26 8:18PM
24 Nov- Devil's Third official news, did it make you want to buy the game? (Poll)
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maizemaize2311/26 8:13PM
New Interview with Itagaki on Devil's Third.
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R_Hunter3311/26 8:09PM
which nee ip should Nintendo do next? (Poll)Voelger911/26 8:07PM
EB Games Canada Claims Nintendo Wont Be Making More GameCube Adapters yet.PS4Warrior211/26 8:03PM
The Future Of...Smash Bros.?
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gordanchoong1411/26 7:35PM
Just Dance '15 is $25, thinking of snagging it. Never played one before.Leanaunfurled911/26 7:30PM