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Just general confessions? :/
Well, Melee was the best Smash Bros Game, Just the right level of competitiveness and still managing to be very technical. Kirby Air Ride was my favorite Kirby game, I've never played Earthbound, Mario 64 was the best Mario game, I liked Wind Waker more than Twilight Princess and finally I thought that Super Paper Mario was a good game. *Shot*
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FooFighters25 posted...
I love Pokemon Channel.

I thought I was the only one. :D
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More I guess.
- The Wii U launch title I'm looking most forward to is Pikmin 3
- I've only beat Pikmin 1 last year, after owning it for 9 years
- I've never caught a shiny Pokemon before
- I hate that Nintendo made like 5 revisions of the original DS, Despite owning all except XL
- I'm looking forward to Wii U having achievements
- Mario Party 4 was my favorite Mario Party
- I don't own a SNES
- I'm desperately hoping for a Crystal Chronicles game on Wii U, more like the very first Crystal Chronicles
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#54UnbralPosted 10/10/2012 3:25:16 PM
Ocarina of Time is only popular because most people who bought a N64 had no other games to play and considered it an RPG because they'd otherwise be casual players.

And most first-party franchises are bad at everything.
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I've rarely played a Star Fox game and do not care for F-zero. I've played SF64 before but it was a long time ago and at a friends house. I played the GBA F-zero game via of 3DS ambassador program and thought it was horrible.
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- I find it funny how Nintendo thinks they're doing something great with the Wii U hardware wise, even though once the PS4 and 720 are out, it's just gonna be in the exact same position as the Wii

- Galaxy is miles better than Galaxy 2 and 64

- I've never liked the FPS Metroid games

- I don't really like any Kirby games

- Brawl > Melee (As far as I can remember)

- Mario Party 2 > Any other Mario Party

- Any collection type stars in Mario games need to die. They're boring as hell, and it astounds me that Nintendo seems to think otherwise
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I haven't played through Windwaker :/
I constantly get lost in all Metroid and Zelda games
I've only completed Prime 3
I don't really find Prime 1-2, Metroid 1, or Super Metroid fun
I've never played Pikmin
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You should have secured Banjo and Kazooie as exclusive IP!!!
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STE573 posted...
Super Paper Mario was a bad game held together by it's story... Sheilds up.

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Other M is my second favorite Metroid, after Metroid II and beating out Super Metroid.
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