NSMBU confirmed to be bad

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I'm waiting for the day when 9.0's are considered bad. We must have 9.4's...9.3's are unacceptable!

I laugh when people overreact when they see a score of 89%. It's like "WHHHHHHY. Now I can't justify my $60! I can't brag on the forums! I CAN"T TROLL! WHHHHHY"

What happened to just....play the game? I have enjoyed playing games, MORE, that scored lower (we are talking in the low 70's) than triple AAA titles, that have scored 90+. Who. Cares. About. Scores/Reviews.

Just get the essential information you need...see if it's your thing, then take a chance. Or just rent or DL demo. Problem solved.

$60 for a 89% šoš

let me buy a $100 jacket to comfort me ant it is 100% cotton :3
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Bump, the world must not forget
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Wow...I didn't intend to start this mess lol.

For those that didn't get it, it was a total joke topic. A bad one yes, but a joke topic nonetheless. I was poking fun at all the trolls that are getting off on the fact that NSMBU got less than a 9 out of 10. Trolls will point to 8.2 scores and call those games trash. The game could get nothing but perfect scores from here on out, but since it got one score that is not perfect they will only look at that score and bash it from here on out. Just look at Kid Icarus for example. Plenty of 9+ scores, but those didn't matter. Only the bad ones matter to the trolls. They have been fed with this score and will not go away now as proven in this post.
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Its scored lower than NintendoLand.

Thats saying something...

That Nintendoland is going to be a good game? Awesome, no complaints here.

It won't be though since it is a sucky casual party game.

Popcap's Library is nothing but casual games, but if you consider them sucky, you may need to quit gaming.

not saying there aren't crappy Casual games,but the ones that are good(like Brain Age, Cooking Mama, Wii Sports) don't really deserve the crap just because you don't like the type of game.
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