First online manual for Wii U?

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4 years ago#1
Here's the ''controls manual'' for FIFA 13:

On page 4, we can see that it says ''Wii RemoteTM''. That would suggest that the Wii Remote Plus is not needed. (Some people claim that only Remote+ are supported by Wii U.)

Additionaly, the Wii's Classic Controller Pro can be used.

Is this new info and/or confirmation of speculations? I don't know, you tell me. I simply found this and wanted to share it. Cheers.
4 years ago#2
Ha, 5 people can play, all with different controllers!
4 years ago#3
I'm assuming the person with the tablet is the referee?
4 years ago#4
Looks like you can play FIFA 13 without the TV.
Official Squirtle of the Pokemon BW (2) Boards
4 years ago#5
Interesting. I found it simply by googling Wii U manual (and later I searched again with filetype:pdf). I'll be sure to search again in the days leading up to the Wii U's launch. I might find some more interesting bits of info.
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