What is the rarest/most obscure Wii game you own?

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MechaKoopa5000 posted...
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A boy and his blob remake...awful awful game.

Well I completely disagree with that statement. ABaHB on Wii was a great puzzle-platformer. Awesome art style, creative puzzles, good music, decent challenge, and just all-around fun. I don't know what game you were playing.


Seriously, I understand how people wouldn't think it was perfect, but how can you hate this game? Mecha-Blob:Win.


Shiren the Wanderer: One of the better Rogue-likes I've played.

Rune Factory Frontier: Played Tides of Destiny? Then you haven't played REAL RF. Well, minus Runeys...poor tedious, though artfully designed, Runeys. I'd take back the time I took to play ToD destiny to play this one again...
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Dragon Blade (I had lots of fun with it, but horrible game aesthetically)

Speedzone (What a waste...)
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Also, I don't own it, but I rented and LOVED the game The Munchables. If I owned it, it would absolutely be my most obscure Wii game.
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101 In One Party Megamix
I guess when I got it I was a partyholic.
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Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade Chronicles. Xenoblade may not be that rare, but later on it will be.
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Nobody has The Last Story? :O
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PotatoHog posted...
Nobody has The Last Story? :O

It was mentioned at least once.

I have it as well. It and Phantom Brave are probably my rarest Wii games, excluding imports.

Then it'd probably be Graces.
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I'm the one who mentioned it, though.
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KoF: The Orochi Saga (94-98).
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Probably Dokapon Kingdom.

Didn't pay much attention to Wii games.
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