Skyward Sword > Skyrim, didn't need 2 gigs of ram OR HD Graphics!

#51WygunPosted 11/6/2012 2:16:33 AM
Skyrims PC version couldnt even handle more than 2gb ram at initial release. Support was only added in patch 1.3. So, agree somehow. No idea about Skyward Sword though.
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beoulve010 posted...
If you're slow and absent minded , yes , otherwise , no.
Collecting everything in WW takes longer no matter how you play it.

No, dude. Have you even played the game?

Skyward Sword is ridiculously long, and that isn't a compliment. It's painful. The game pads everything out, the main quest is incredibly time-consuming by itself. It's mind-numbing with its repetitive quests (those Imprisoned sections can bite me), those annoying fetch quests in the final third of the game, and oh dear god, that Silent Realm awfulness. The game is filled to the brim with redundant bull**** That stretches out the length of the game, The main quest took me 45 hours, and 35 of them was absolutely torture. I'm not even adding the time I took upgrading my weapons. I didn't even bother with other sidequests.

There is no way the game is "short" in anyway whatsoever and the only you think it's short (or even shorter than Wind Waker) is if you haven't played it.

Wind Waker took me 25 hours to beat first playthrough, and besides the Triforce quest and filling out my map, it was all pleasant.
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I don't understand topics like this. So you like one game more then another, ok.......Who the hell cares what you like????? Your OPINION means nothing to me.
#5440DribylfPosted 11/6/2012 2:35:15 AM
This is a message board.

Their sole purpose is to discuss news and different opinions. That's why they exist.
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I think Zelda series is better than all WRPG combined.
#56HadminPosted 11/6/2012 3:21:45 AM
in my book, Zelda has been a fail title since Links awakening.

Oblivion and Skyrim, albeit has its fun, lacks a crapload of content and size.

Take a look at TES2 Daggerfall. You had a map the size of Turkey. (literally) Hundreds of villages, dungeons and stuff. That was a good Elder scrolls game.

And Zelda should to back to top-down adventuring

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#57EarthViperPosted 11/6/2012 3:35:30 AM
I'll say what I've said before:

Out of the box:
SS > Skyrim

After the modders de-toddhowardize it:
Skyrim > SS

SS is the weakest 3D Zelda but still a solid game, more than can be said for vanilla Skyrim.
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All I will say it that I played Skyward Sword for three days last Nov and haven't played it since, but I bought Skyrim at launch and I still almost a year later still play it almost weekly
#59El_ZaggyPosted 11/6/2012 4:02:29 AM
You can't compre oranges and apples

Zelda=Semi closed world hack and slash with slight puzzle elements

Skyrim::open world action game with RPG elements

Just stop to be fanboys. Compare Zelda to Okami and Skyrim to Gothic series. Thats is where they belong.
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What the adults browsing this topic see TC as:

1.) Uses his PC/MacderpPro for Internet useage/porn only.

2.) Is under 18 years of age

3.) said PC/MacDerpBook is very underpowered and/or doesn't know how to use it properly nor has any real "tech" knowledge.

4.) has only played Skyrim on consoles:

5.) whilst playing Skyrim, s/he/it just didn't "get it," and ignored the zen-like experience it had to offer, in favor of a more childish (but well done)-extremely linear storyline.

6.) doesn't understand that the TES series has never really been about the combat.

7.) posts this message on the Wii-u message boards where mostly only Nintendo/Zelda fans will agree