With Paper Mario Super Star Getting mediocre reviews...I'm concerned about Wii U

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Lord_KronosIII posted...
GameXplain gave it


Not saying it's wrong for him to not like it, but I'm sure almost no one here has heard of the site, and if anything made a bad review to generate hits. Though the possibility of him generally not liking it is more likely.
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Sounds like Paper Mario is suffering from the same lack of polish that other 3DS games have had recently (Mario Kart 7, NSMB2). It's not like these games aren't good... they're just not as good as they could be, and that's disappointing.
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If you they received that "polish" (such fluff) they still would be "disappointing". It's easy to tell which fans need to move on from these tired franchises.
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i still trust IS at least there still doing fire emblem right(i liked fe more then pm anyways)
i just hope they at least put a more traditonal pm game on 3ds as well.

this whole weird spinoff thing would be easier to digest with two or more games per system.
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You don't really have to worry.

For one, this is Paper Mario. The fanbase for this series is so divided on the direction the series should go that no game will ever get an average score of above 90, and I doubt one'll ever reach above 85.

For another, this is one 3DS game. The 3DS also has numerous games rated 90 or above, including one rated 94 (which, I believe, is the best any handheld game has ever gotten).
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Umm...the only review I've read is over at 1up.com, and they gave it an A-. Could it be that you are intentionally misrepresenting/obfuscating information to troll a forum? No!...that could never happen on GameFAQs.
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Lord_KronosIII posted...
xXDa-KidXx posted...
Currently Sticker Star has been getting 8s one 9, there's only one bad review that's a 6 from a site no one knows.... O yeah.. that's right. If its not.primarily 9s, it's mediocre

GameXplain gave it a 2/5 and a VIP Media guy on the SS board gave it a 7.8 and mentioned several glaring flaws.

Wow...two review sources I've never heard of gave it a poor rating so it MUST be crap.
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Metacritic - 82 (7 positive 1 mixed)

The one mixed score is the one TC is talking about :I

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It's nothing remember Game Informer's 6.75/10 for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
It seems more like reviewers have started leveling the review average for Nintendo games to 8, regardless of game. Did people check reviews on Pokemon Black 2 & White 2. They are 7 Nines, 15 Eights, 5 Sevens, 2 Sixes; The Average is eight. Paper Mario has 5 Eights, 1 Seven, and 2 Sixes. What does this this say, we can cut the sixes out and it's average will likely be 8 also. Why are people worried that reviewer just aren't inflating scores now.

Scores have just been a Ego marketing number to throw around most of those 9s are payed for now adays. Or are we listening to all those reviews that touted Super Paper Mario as 9.0 to 9.5 when fans of previous Paper Mario's would have clearly put it at 8 or below. Maybe the lower reviewer was a Super Paper Mario fan or on the other end of the spectrum hated SPM and is all Thousand Year-door or bust.
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Lord_KronosIII posted...

I have 3 Wii Us pre-ordered between Best Buy and Walmart. I haven't been this hyped for a system since the Wii. (I also have a PS3, 360, gaming PC, PSP, 3DS, XL, DSI XL, ect...). Overall, I was extremely disappointed with the Wii. I'm not a fan of the motion controls and feel there were a very limited amount of quality games, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and Xenoblade being the exceptions.

If you thought those three games were the only decent ones the Wii had to offer, you missed out big time.