Wii U not backwards compatible out of the box. Needs day one update

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who cares
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Ahh... more "you're the consumer - deal with it!" responses. Lovely, as always.

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Gonna suck ass for people in 3rd world countries....

Why do americans love to use that word so much?

"Third world countries" are 3 words.

Now, if you're stupid enough to point that out...

Another person SOOOO damaged by a correction, they had to retort. They're stupid for pointing that out, huh? -_-

Do some of you just languish in ignorance? You'd rather continue doing something incorrectly, than have a complete stranger point it out to you... right? "Oh noes! MAH E-PEEN!" Trust me, junior - nobody cares.

Also... it can be hyphenated, OR un-hyphenated, and occurs in the dictionary un-hyphenated.

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