Does anypony know if there's going to be a My Little Pony: FiM game?

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i see the haters being more forcefull than the fans in this topic....

and in most places

yes there are anoying fans (a verry good friend of mine takes it to far) but they are the minority

i my self am a fan of FIM

and anime and jrpgs and alot of things

why do u have to lump ppl into clusters and hate on them just becuse they dont like some thing you dont like?
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Trailblazer34 posted...
redluigi11 posted...
this can't end well

And the madness continues.
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How embarrassing
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Something for iOS apparently. And Fighting is Magic... It's freeware (and needs to be because it uses licensed characters) so I wouldn't expect it to get a console port. Get a controller working with your PC.
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Oni_Taedo posted...
As someone who refuses to watch it, I will not deny or attest that it is well written.
I want nothing to do with that... THING.

And anyone that calls themself a "brony" deserves to be beaten to death with a rocking horse.
I can't stand why anyone would be able to watch a cartoon intended for five year old girls.
And the few people I do know of in real life that call themselves "bronies" are pedos.
So, I haven't exactly had a good track record with you weirdos... er... people.

Amen, brother.
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I would like to see how this topic will end...