How many days will it take for Homebrew to crack Wii U?

#11GunzleaderPosted 11/8/2012 9:26:25 PM
^ my god i hope so. someone has to put those basement living sad asses in there place and id be dam happy if it was nintendo. tired of dealing with cheaters in online games on wii....
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#12zaakroPosted 11/8/2012 9:27:59 PM
iloveheavyrain posted...
Not true. Many, many, many person have cracked the 3ds to play 3ds roms. Google it. It's signed, sealed delivered.

I googled it and I haven't found any
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#13Seca VerinsPosted 11/8/2012 9:34:33 PM(edited)
Gunzleader posted...
^ my god i hope so. someone has to put those basement living sad asses in there place and id be dam happy if it was nintendo. tired of dealing with cheaters in online games on wii....

I find people who "take issue" with homebrew on principle hilarious. Like, what are you possibly angry about? "Oh man you've committed a crime that doesn't effect me in any way in order to make this product that we both have better for you than it is for me." Is there any version of that which isn't just blind jealousy?

That said, Nintendo's copy protection is certainly getting better. The 3DS, despite the (indeed false) article that was just posted, is virtually incapable of running 3DS Roms. I would dare anyone who thinks otherwise to actually purchase one of those cards and try it, because the entire homebrew community is in agreement that they're scams.

My guess is that the Wii U won't be hacked, at least for a long time, and that homebrew folks will hang onto their Wiis for homebrew purposes. The only real downside to this is no region-unlocking for the Wii U, which is unfortunate.

OH WAIT NO I FORGOT THE ONLY THING ANYONE USES HOMEBREW FOR IS PIRATING COMMERCIAL GAMES WHAT A BUNCH OF BASEMENT DWELLING NECKBEARDS (I know virtually nobody with a modded Wii who "pirates" any games commercially available to them)
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As long as someone doesn't use it to harm others, or their enjoyment, then I'm fine with it.

On topic:

19 days.
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#15Seca VerinsPosted 11/8/2012 9:37:27 PM
Wait, how on earth did I miss the opportunity to mock you for saying "there place"? I'm slipping.

But yeah, I mean, certainly using homebrew to cheat at online games or steal commercial games is an abuse of that system, but you'll find that the VAST majority of the homebrew community is in opposition to doing those things for exactly that reason; they want to keep doing what they do, and don't want a few selfish "pirates" (I find that term inaccurate and silly) ruining it for the rest of them. Hell, a HUGE chunk of homebrew applications, such as the custom firmwares, actually scan your Wii to make sure you're not using it to pirate commercial games because the homebrew community is probably more actively "anti-piracy" than those people with un-modded consoles.
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iloveheavyrain posted...
Kind of silly, baby doll. As 3DS has been cracked for a while now:

Come here, give me a kiss. MUAH!

Are you trying to continue the joke, or did you really not check the date that article was posted?
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There are no flashcards that play 3DS ROMs.
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