I hope Wii U save data can be shared

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4 years ago#1
After recently watching the User Account walkthrough with Iwata, I'm seriously hoping most games allow save data to be shared. It seems like the account system is going more the PS3 route than the 360 route, and I don't like that -- It means you MUST be online to restore your User Account if it gets deleted, instead of just being able to copy it to a memory card or USB device, like on the 360. I don't mind if I don't play games using my own account, but I really, REALLY hope save data can be used anywhere, regardless of which account it's loaded from. I hate the fact that so many PS3 games locked save data after Trophies were introduced -- Here's to hoping the Wii U doesn't do the same thing.
4 years ago#2
they were saying that some saves can be shared but more of them are only for the account it was saved on
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4 years ago#3
It will probably be like the ps3 where the save file will be only useable to the user who created the save file, I really hope Nintendo doesn't copy protect the save files like they did on the wii, my monster hunter tri save file is locked down to my old wii I can never back it up to a SD card :(
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4 years ago#4
See, and I think locking them to a profile is pointless, too. There's literally NO POINT in doing that. As long as I can hack them like you can do on pretty much anything else, I'll be fine.
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