Wii U Automatic Shutoff Feature

#41flipzasPosted 11/9/2012 9:13:00 PM
I turn my game consoles off all the time but this could be helpful doing late late night play, when I get drowsy
#42huyiPosted 11/9/2012 11:25:20 PM
Its a good feature, especially when you have bills to pay and worried about the electric, i have a habit of leaving m ps3 for a couple of hours at a time i could put the timer to like 2 hours or so and let it turn off by itself.
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MonadAlvis posted...
Final Fantasy2389 posted...
From: Drumguy | #019
Leaving a game on pause for longer than five to ten minutes seems pretty silly anyway. If you're gonna be away that long, save it and turn the console off.

While yes, I agree, I once woke up an hour and a half before I had to for school, wasn't able to sleep so I got dressed up and all that and then decided to play Tales of Symphonia. Well, when I had to leave for school I was in the middle of a boss battle that had taken me about 10-15 minutes at that time (I was under leveled) and it had been over an hour since the last save point. So I paused it, went to school for 9 hours and then came home and finished the boss and then saved asap and shut it off.

So in most cases, yes I would save and quit, but sometimes you just can't.

I think he was just implying most games don't use save points anymore. They shouldn't, but plenty of games still do.

No, I was mostly implying that you probably shouldn't be playing a video game (or leaving the console on for that matter) if you have to do something that takes an extended period of time.