So what if the graphics aren't as good as PS3 or 360?

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first ever to have a hand held
first to have motion controllers
first 3D game (Mario 64)
the birth mother of all FPS (Goldeneye)
first video game console to use 3D screen that needed no glasses

First 3D game was Maze3D, IIRC. First "real" 3D game was Quake.
First FPS was, again, IIRC, Maze3D. First mainstream FPS was Wolfenstein. Doom spawned most of the genre. Quake revolutionized multiplayer. Counterstrike broke new ground.
Goldeneye did some neat stuff, but that's it.
Also, parallax barrier 3D has been around for ages.

i was talking about consoles, something that was marketed to the masses, that "Joe Everyman" could have.
Back when these games were on the market the computer needed to run them was rather expensive and not available to everyone.
but even so, take the software off, and they are still the best manufacture of hardware. It makes going in early on a Nintendo console so much more comforting than buying a more expensive 720/PS4 that might turn out to be a frag grenade when it gets hot.

i forgot to add "video game console" i changed it above

So, in other words, you made up a bunch of rules to justify your lies.