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4 years ago#71

Been a pretty dull morning.
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4 years ago#72

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4 years ago#73
3/10 up from 0/10.

I'm in no rush to buy it. After this gen it seems better to wait and watch. Better models come out later (with less hardware problems) and all the great games are super cheap by then.
4 years ago#74
9000!!!! oh yeah
4 years ago#75
8/10 come friday/saturday
10/10 10:00 AM sunday when I pick it up
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4 years ago#76
On a scale of one to ten, one being "I'm more excited for bowel movements.", ten being "I'm having a heart attack over it, literally." and five being "It looks kinda good.", I would say four or five.
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4 years ago#77

it's always cool seeing new hardware released, especially Nintendo hardware, but i'm not excited by any of the gamepad implentation i've seen nor the launch games. If it was cheaper, had more compelling gamepad ideas and had a 3D Mario, Zelda or Metroid available at launch it would be a 9/10. I'll still be keeping a close eye on it though, I love reading about new hardware launches and trying new consoles for the first time!
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4 years ago#78
Off THA chartz!!!
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4 years ago#79
(100/n+1)%, where "n" is the number of days left until the Wii U's release.
4 years ago#80
1/10. I'm not getting one anytime in the near future, which is weird because my hype level for the Wii was a 10/10 and I was hellbent on getting one ASAP.
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