Warning to anyone who has NEVER owned an HD gaming system before

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Welcome to 2005.
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I love how TC just assumes that "Nintendo-only fans" all have SDTV's.

By breakdown, Wii owners are more likely to own HDTV's than the other console owners, because HDTV's are mainstream, and are therefore desired by casuals as a status symbol.

Wow, what a hideous comment. I think it's best for all of us if I avoid commenting on the majority of the nonsensical tripe you posted, and focus on your ending statement.

In case you haven't gone outside lately, HDTV's aren't a status symbol anymore. They haven't been for some time. The fact that they're "mainstream" (which you seem to associate with "casuals", which I can only assume is part of some deeper psychological problem) and affordable means they're commonplace, which is the exact opposite of a status symbol.

Waiting rooms, thrift stores, McDonalds... yes, even McDonald's has better TVs than some of the people in this topic. They're affordable enough that some thrift stores I've gone to use multiple LCDs as displays throughout the store.

Of course, you are a troll, so my words are wasted on you. Hopefully this post proves more helpful to others than it will be to yourself.

Oh, don't worry. Everyone in this board has heard of the troll DJL before. His fame precedes him.

Did you know Red Dead Redemption and Shadow of the Colossus are Zelda rip-offs because you travel on horses in those games just like in Zelda? Did you know SATA HDDs are the cause of overheating failures in the older models of the PS3? Did you know that the PS3 doesn't play PS1 discs??

Yep, it's true. Ask him.

SATA HDD's made me laugh but only because i'm Finnish. SATA means 100 in Finnish so it could very well be cause of overheating.