How can the Wii U possibly compete with the PS4's graphics?

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Am I the only one who realizes TC is being satirical? Really?
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It probably can't, but the Wii U is here now.
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Urizen5 posted...
People arguing against the graphics are simply trolls, and those defending that the graphics are better or equal are simply suckers falling for the flamebait. Point is it doesn't matter, Games are not/should not be defined by graphical power. I for one prefer, say Zelda Windwaker over something like Crysis.

They should be defined by their artistic merit, not by how good they qualify as a tech demo. That's why the crying over meaningless subtle differences in multi-platform games is nonsense.
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If you want a graphical powerhouse, buy a PC.

The PS4 will destroy PC graphics because of something called optimization. So even if a PC will have marginally better specs, PS4 will have better graphics.

OMG LOL You win.
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For freak's sake TC, get outta the basement and get some fresh air and sunshine. We have few concrete specs on any of the next-gen consoles, including the Wii-U, other than the fact that it uses a Power7-based CPU and Radeon-based GPU - we don't know the clockspeed/make of either.


source ps3devwiki

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DreDayy posted...
no console will ever be a graphics powerhouse, play the one with the games you enjoy.

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