Ninja Gaiden 3:RE IGN review.

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shyguy has the right idea
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There are many reasons the graphics are jaggy and have other problems. The limitations of the Wii U is one possibility but not the only one.
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DaLagga posted...
it's how well the system handles the games.

Thats what the IGN review is about, that a game is not just about graphics.
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SuperShyGuy9000 posted...
Couldn't be the game just wasn't built to run on the Wii-U originally and just got a rushed port?

I mean I played the original Chrono Trigger on the SNES and the PlayStation version was crap despite being on a vastly superior console that was a generation ahead.

PS3 had a bit more power than the 360 but ports like Skyrim and Bayonetta run worse because those game weren't built with the PS3 in mind

Well, I can't speak for Chrono Trigger, but I did play FF3 on the PSX and overall, yeah, it was indeed worse because of the loading times. But that was because they literally put no real effort into improving the actual game (aside for adding cinematics and a few other small features). However, the graphics certainly weren't worse and nor was the framerate. The point being that there was nothing in that port to suggest that the PSX was on par with or weaker than the SNES unlike the NG3:RE port to the Wii U.

Second, the PS3 really isn't more powerful than the x360 and countless games prove this point. Overall they're about equal, with the PS3 generally being better at rendering tightly scripted gameplay and linear corridors while the x360 is generally better at open world dynamic gameplay. Skyrim's problems for example stem from the fact that the PS3 has less usable memory than the x360 and the only real way to work around that would be to gimp the graphics.
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Who is "they"? Because I've never even played NG3 and have never been a fan of the franchise. I couldn't care less whether or not Razor's Edge is an improvement or not. What concerns me more is the technical prowess of the Wii U and whether or not it will be able to handle next-gen games. And the best judge of processing power isn't PR statements, vague spec sheets, or wishful thinking: it's how well the system handles the games.

No... it's not lol. That's quite a fallacious way of looking at this actually.
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JTaanaa posted...
oshawott4ever posted...
JTaanaa posted...
Hopefully other reviews of WiiU ports won't have this issue; I'm willing to bet that Team Ninja was somewhat rushed, but still tried to improve. The graphics may have been an afterthought for them.

I cant' wait to see the Mass Effect 3 Wii U port review

I don't expect ME3 to suffer from the same problems.

My expectations are low once they announced it was being done by a C team. Not saying those guys suck automatically but a C team given the task to work on unknown hardware doesn't seem fair to anyone.
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Thats what the IGN review is about, that a game is not just about graphics.

Again, it isn't just about NG3:RE. If the hardware isn't much faster than the x360/PS3, then Nintendo is likely to find itself in the same situation it was in with the Wii once the next gen consoles hit - without any of the countless fantastic 3rd party games being able to run on their system.

LHS_2012 posted...
No... it's not lol. That's quite a fallacious way of looking at this actually.

Actually, that's the only correct way of looking at it. The whole point of having impressive specs is to handle impressive tech. If the specs sound impressive but don't translate to real world performance, then they're meaningless. For example, you could sit there all day and read articles put out by Nvidia and AMD where they gush about the amazing capabilities of their cards. But PC gamers don't give a crap about that. All that matters is the benchmarks because they are what really determine the quality of a particular card. Consoles are no different in that regard.
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Anybody criticizing the graphics fails to recognize that a ton of dismembered limbs and blood have been added, which may have an effect on the Wii U version of the game versus the original, assuming that they essentially copy-pasta'd the code from the 360 version like some developers have said you can do.
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I'll just post this and let the video do the talking when it comes to comparisons:
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I like how your video shut everyone up, Joehop. Well except me, ha ha!
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