Favorite game from every system that you have ever owned.

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4 years ago#241
PC:System Shock 2-Deus Ex-Half Life
PS1:Soul Reaver-Tomb Raider-MGS
GC:Metroid Prime-The Legend of Zelda: WW-Resident Evil(Remake)
XBOX:Ninja Gaiden-KOTOR-Halo 2
PS2:Resident Evil 4-MGS 3-GoW
Wii:The Legend of Zelda:TP-Super Mario Galaxy 2-Monster Hunter Tri
PS3:MGS 4-GOW 3-Resistance 3
360:Halo Reach-Alan Wake-Gears of War 3
4 years ago#242
SNES-Super Mario World
Genesis-Sonic 2
N64-Star Fox 64
PS1-Final Fantasy VIII
Dreamcast-Grandia 2
PS2-Final Fantasy X
Gamecube-Tales of Symphonia
PS3-Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy (says a lot about my opinion of the PS3 library doesn't it)
Wii-Xenoblade Chronicles
4 years ago#243
Nintendo 64 - Paper Mario
Gameboy Color - Pokemon Crystal
Gameboy Advance - Golden Sun The Lost Age
Gamecube - Tales of Symphonia
Xbox - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II
Nintendo DS - Pokemon Diamond
Nintendo Wii - Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World
Xbox 360 - Tales of Vesperia
PC - Civilization V
Steam: Zaculus (Math rocks)
Now playing: Team Fortress 2, Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim, Civilization V, Pokemon (all gens).
4 years ago#244
snes: megaman x
gbc: pokemon gold
gba: megaman zero 3
dreamcast: sonic adventure 2
gamecube: phantasy star online
ps2: .hack/gu (cant pick 1 of the 3)
ds: sola to robo
wii: starwars force unleashed
ps3: tokyo jungle
xbox360: portal 2
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4 years ago#245
Atari 2600- Demons to Diamonds
NES- Castlevania
Master System - Hang On
Gameboy - Pokemon Gold
Genesis- Street Fighter II Champion Edition
SNES- Final Fantasy 6
3DO- Luciences Quest
Jaguar - Alien VS Predator
Saturn - Virtua Cop
PS1- FF7
N64- Ocarina of Time
Gameboy Color - Dragon Quest III
Dreamcast- Ikaruga
Gameboy Advance - Metroid Fusion
PS2- Gran Turismo 3
Xbox- Doom 3
Gamecube- Skies of Arcadia Legends
DS - Dragon Quest IX
PSP - Crisis Core
Xbox 360- Dark Souls
Wii - Super Smash Bros Brawl
PC - Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
4 years ago#246
Commodore 64: Donkey Kong
Gameboy: Super Mario Land
N64: Goldeneye 007
Gamecube: Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2
Wii: Goldeneye 007
Wii U: ???
PC: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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4 years ago#247
NES: Megaman 2
SNES: Chrono Trigger
Megadrive: Phantasy Star IV
PS1: Xenogears
PS2: ??? Liked far too many.
PS3: Demon's Souls
Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles
4 years ago#248
NES - Super Mario Bros. 3
SNES - Final Fantasy IV
Genesis - Phantasy Star IV
Sega CD - Sonic CD
GameBoy - Final Fantasy Legend 2
GameGear - Sonic: Triple Trouble
PlayStation - Final Fantasy IX or Xenogears
N64 - Paper Mario
GameBoy Color - Dragon Warrior III
PlayStation 2 - Final Fantasy XII
GameBoy Advance - River City Ransom EX or Mario Golf Advance Tour
GameCube - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door or Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Xbox - Jade Empire
Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure
Xbox 360 - Mass Effect
PlayStation 3 - Fallout 3 or Red Dead Redemption
Wii - Xenoblade
DS - Radiant Historia
PSP - Final Fantasy IV Complete
3DS - Paper Mario: Sticker Star
PC - Icewind Dale
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4 years ago#249
SNES: Chrono Trigger
N64: Paper Mario & Majora's Mask (top 2 favorite games ever)
GBC: Gold/Silver
GBA: Not sure, but probably Metroid Fusion or Minish Cap.
WII: Super Mario Galaxy 2
360: Bioshock
PS3: don't know, haven't played it much.
3DS: Kid Icarus: Uprising
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4 years ago#250
N64: Mario Party
PS1: Final Fantasy IX
PS2: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Gamecube: Super Mario Sunshine
GBC: Pokemon Red
GBA: Pokemon Emerald
DS: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explores of Time
Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Xbox 360: Grand Theft Auto 4
3DS: Ocarina of Time 3D
3DSFC: 2277-6704-5993
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