Anyone in Victoria Australia want a ticket to the wii u experience tomorrow nite

#1chaos_controlrPosted 11/14/2012 3:25:09 AM
I got an email inviting me to the wii u experience night at fountain gate 2morrow. I cant go but if you can didnt get an invite (not sure if everyone did) just shoot me your email address either below or through a message and ill send u the attachment
#2RE4_FanPosted 11/14/2012 3:41:21 AM
Isn't the Wii U Experience Tour open to the public from 9 until 9 most days? =)

Between 5th of November and 9th of December, so you could go sometime in there if you get the opportunity =)
#3chaos_controlr(Topic Creator)Posted 11/14/2012 2:01:18 PM
yeah but this is some special invite only preview night, the ticket has a barcode and everything on it.
#4RE4_FanPosted 11/15/2012 2:42:07 AM
Neat =)