Wii U external Hard Drive will ONLY be formatted for Wii U and CANNOT work on PC

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Nintendo sure is trying to get us to buy digital games this time around... just look at all the pleasant and user friendly incentives >_>
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....oh well? Looks like i'll be buying another one just for Wii U. No big deal, but of course it must be a big deal for others.
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gumbyxcore99 posted...
the fact that this surprises anybody is a testament to thelir lack of knowledge about technology
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huyi posted...
from the way i see it that wouldn't make much of a difference, as soon as you plug it in it will format the WHOLE drive regardless of what is on it.

That sucks pretty bad.
Guess we'll have to wait until someone cracks it and makes an app to allow the drive to be properly partitioned.
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meiyuki posted...
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...

You still can do that. I'm going to be using the one I already have.

I've got files on it, for all we know it doesn't care about partitions and just formats the whole thing. But assuming it doesn't, you still have to partition it, something you can't do with files on it. Well last time I checked you couldn't, but maybe you can now. If I had known from the beginning it needed to be partitioned I could have done that(though I must stress we don't know for sure that even works) but I really can't now.

I still like the system just fine, but lately it seems like they're missing some really obvious things.

So, when the Wii U comes out, get everything off the drive, partition it, and format the partition for the Wii U. That will answer your questions far faster than the qq being displayed here.
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It really has to format the entire drive? My question is: WHY? It won't affect piracy either way. Nintendo has been making a lot of stupid mistakes with the Wii U, ones that easily could have been fixed.
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Board_hunter567 posted...
gumbyxcore99 posted...
the fact that this surprises anybody is a testament to thelir lack of knowledge about technology

Why do people keep quoting this as if it's some sort of sage wisdom? What does "knowledge about technology" have to do with this? Especially when we have the Wii and 3DS to point to as examples of the opposite?
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Because, tizzywilkillyou, if you're going to moan and complain about something, it would be nice if you know what you are talking about to begin with.
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Partitions yo.
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Bummer. I just got my 1TB external HD today, minutes ago. Main purpose to be for backing up and long term storage, also planned for use with Wii U. I suppose I can live with only using it for one of those tasks at a time, but if it can be partitioned and work with both the Wii U and a computer, that'd be great.
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