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3 years ago#51
I'm not employed by the man. I spend my time at Starbucks or Apple stores discussing irony.
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3 years ago#52
Systems on Information Engineer (College)
IT support

.... we are a lot from IT around here... aren't we?
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3 years ago#53
Knuckles1412 posted...
You can't be both atheist and agnostic....atheist doesn't believe in god at all...agnostic doesn't believe we have the capacity to understand what god is, but believes it is out there.

You got atheism correct. But an agnostic merely believes that supernatural stuff is unknowable, period. The agnostic can still believe that it exists, or can decide not to believe due to lack of evidence. So yes, an agnostic can be an atheist (and can also not be an atheist).

P.S. I have a few different jobs. I'm a substitute high school teacher. I'm a self-employed tax accountant. I'm in training to be a pharmacy technician.
Religion is like spaghetti: either stiff and fragile, or wet and limp.
3 years ago#54
Ok all the jokes about being a millionaire aside, I wash dishes at a restaurant on the local college.
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3 years ago#55
Plan B: Graphic and Web Designer...
The person above suffers from IAD.</post>
3 years ago#56
From: Rasputin77 | #049
Whoa!... not the same thing, buddy. Based on your follow-up, I'd say more Agnostic.

Yeah, I would agree.
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3 years ago#57
I am the light that pierces the darkness of despair.
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3 years ago#58
Software analyst for a company that I cannot discuss on social message boards (no joke lol). Job sounds complicated but all I do is compare software our engineers make to a brief and feed back how it needs to be changed to fit the brief. And by software I mean television show software, gameshow software and most commonly presentation software (real time interactive 3D models of buildings and organs is common). I like my job, I get to work with a lot of like minded people that like games.
Im British!
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3 years ago#59
I'm an Accountant.
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3 years ago#60
Compliance Analyst for data management technology firm for federal reporting
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